Passion! By Virtual Concierge Services

“There was a little girl, Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead. When She was good, She was very good indeed…“ So goes the first half a poem written by Henry Longfellow over a hundred years ago. This little poem reminds me a lot of the weather in... read more

Hot! Hot! Hot! By Virtual Concierge Services

Oh yes, we’ve had our wet and windy days. There are days the sea has been whipped by the wind, creamy white tips flecking a turbulent steel blue sea. Birds fly in one spot, barely seeming to move and high, high in the sky, pelicans soar and swoop catching the raging... read more

Summer has arrived! Virtual Concierge Services

Yay, summer is here – it is official – the swallows are here! Today the sky is a cobalt blue, the sun is hot and this morning as I walked my daughter to school we had the pleasure of seeing a large flock of swallows chasing insects, wheeling high in the sky, darting... read more

Energetic Times by Virtual Concierge Services

Woohoo so the South Easter is here with a blast. This is commonly known as the “Cape Doctor”. It is the south easter wind that blows away cobwebs and all kinds of pollutants in the Cape air, leaving a very fresh (if not windblown and sometimes sand blasted) Cape Town.... read more

Whales, Whales Everywhere!! Virtual Concierge Services

We have been so busy the last few weeks’ time is flying by and I can hardly believe it is already October. Only two and half months to Christmas! We gave ourselves an early Christmas present recently and visited Hermanus, about 120kms from Cape Town. It was with our... read more