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Introducing VCS Slices of Business Life Podcast Episodes

South Africa is a beautiful rainbow nation and we are proud of the Entrepreneurship and business sense in this diverse country. VCS are chatting to busy professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders so our listeners can experience a small slice of SA business life through their eyes, to gain valuable advice, insights and motivation for themselves.



VCS6: VCS Slices of Business Life chats to Teri Kruger

Teri Kruger is the Founding Director of Synergetics Africa, a sustainable solutions design business. Synergetics supports progressive organisations to generate their own electricity using the sun’s free rays and avoid the crippling loadshedding events with high quality, locally produced, lithium-ion batteries.




VCS5: VCS Slices of Business Life chats to Leonie Kirby

Leonie Kirby, a Regional Sales and Marketing Director for a Global company offers valuable advice on pursuing your work passion, and do not give up. Listen to her journey.





VCS4: VCS Slices of Business Life chats to Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is an entrepreneur and either the founder, or one of the founding members, of a number of companies – Macrocosm Ultra Digital, CommuniMail, Platinum Edge, Steve Hughes Coaching. With decades of entrepreneurial and financial experiences Steve offers clients results that are the most comprehensive and advanced in South Africa. Whether you are in need to the basics, or the leading advanced wealth solutions, Steve’s award-winning service and solutions have what you need to enrich your financial reality. He is a Master Coach specialising in personal development, money literacy and entrepreneur coaching and mentoring.




VCS3: VCS Slices of Business Life chats to Vhenekai Masimo

Vhenekai Masimo is the Founder of Virtual Assistant Café and two other enterprises. Vhenekai was born in the capital city of Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa, Johannesburg 12 years ago. She is an ambitious city girl and loves exploring new business ideas.




VCS2: VCS Slices of Business Life Chats to Kim Cassidy

Kim Cassidy is the Founder of The Brain Trainer. Kim is a consummate professional who has worked with people for nearly 40 years in a number of fields – as a Neurofeedback Practitioner, as a Transformational Coach, and in the field of Personal Development, in Education and International Corporate Human Resources.




VCS1: VCS Slices of Business Life Chats to Edna Kubeka

Edna Kubeka is the founder of Azania Exclusive Collection, which is a textile, clothing, decor and furniture shop specializing in traditional South African (Shweshwe) clothing, Ankara Textiles, traditional east-and west African clothing and furniture as well as accessories like earrings, bags, clutch bags.