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While it’s a great idea to run your own finely-tuned Facebook Group, make sure you take advantage of other Facebook Groups too—as a member. If you search Facebook Groups, you will often find groups that actively encourage you to promote either free offers or paid ones.

Do look carefully into these Groups before joining: Some are more effective (and more active) than others.

Avoid any Group that seems “spammy.” And check out these tips for making the most of Facebook Group opportunities.

Help Out Within Other Facebook Groups

Limit the number of Groups you join so you can participate fully. You should take interacting in other Groups as seriously as you take administering your own. Participate. Join the conversation. Don’t just look for opportunities to promote. Get to know the most active members, and help them at every (natural) opportunity.

Post mini-Reviews in your Facebook Group

If your group is built around a sport, product, hobby or anything that generates products, consider buying the products and posting mini “teaser” reviews (leading to a full review on your website). Put your affiliate link in the website review—and always use the same format, since this builds up confidence in your readers. (Create or use a Review template or Review blog theme.)If you do it “right”, your Group members will actually start looking forward to your reviews, and trust you as their “tester.” But do make sure you actually buy the product or try the service, give it a real airing—and base your review on your own experience.

Carefully Proof Your Group Description

Remember that just as positive strategies help create engagement and growth, negative strategies can seriously harm it. Proofreading your posts and Group description and documents is a case in point.
Pay attention to not just spelling, but also to grammar, syntax and the correct use of words. You will not attract quality members if your description gives the impression you are illiterate.

And under NO circumstances use abbreviations such as “u” for “you” or “ur” for “your”!

Remember to “Go Local”

Join business referral groups for your area. Being a member of such a Group can lead to surprisingly well-aligned opportunities—and you can enjoy the added benefits of in-person meet-ups and networking, as well as the opportunity to create and promote local, in-person events such as workshops.

Use Your Group Cover Photo to Feature Events, Launches—and Members

Be creative when it comes to using the Group Cover photo. Let it be like an expensive billboard, right in front of your members’ eyes, telling them what you most want them to know in that moment.

Don’t Wait For Group Members To Ask—Offer To Help!

Do this for free, as well as reminding members you have the skills they need, when they next require a contractor.
Just make sure you offer to help for free at least two-thirds of the time. (And spell out clearly whether or not your assistance will cost them.)

Train Your Group Members to Use the Group for Event Planning

When you run any type of relevant event, create an Event in your Group—and encourage Group members who join to talk up the event, share photos afterwards, ask questions or confirm details through the Group. This generates excitement and makes the Event seem more important in the minds of all your members. And when they see how involved those attending are, it can also prompt other Group members to join.

Use Facebook Groups To Build A Strong Brand

Your organic brand exposure will be low within a Facebook Group, but solidifying you brand identity can be high. Pay attention to influencers within your Group—and to what they are saying.
Address complaints or frustration immediately with real solutions: Negative venting within the Group will hurt your brand.

Two words of caution, however: Remember that you guide your brand identity, so know what you’re going for and present strengthening posts and strategies to your Group—while remembering that, above all, Facebook Groups are honest and social.

Remember also that your Group should simply augment your Brand promotion—not be its sole vehicle.

Create a Sales Funnel for Your Facebook Group

Yes, Facebook is about socializing, not marketing (at least in the eyes of your members) but if you’ve set the Group up as a customer support Group or elite networking Group for your product or program, people will expect to hear before the rest of the world about your new offers, discounts, freebies and add-ons.
So maximize your chances of success and build your other content carefully around these “due dates” by planning your Facebook Group sales funnel in advance.

Remember to Make Your Group All About Its Members — Not About You!

Do this even if they regard you as Queen of your industry. (You won’t stay Queen for long, if you forget who crowned you!)

Always keep first in mind that Facebook’s Groups are all about the interaction and the camaraderie — not about your expert status or marketing messages.

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